Thursday, 19 April 2012

Luxurious Private Jet

Red carpet to the private jet

The most luxurious private jets keep getting more and more luxurious. These cabins are equipped with electronics that would make the most technology-savvy entertainment system owner shed a tear of happiness. They all include air-to-ground phones, satellite radio, DVD players and giant flat-screen monitors. Need to surf the internet while in the air? Not a problem, these private jets come with wireless networks so that everyone can access their e-mail, surf the Internet and text message during their flight.

Corporations and the super wealthy are emptying their pockets to make sure that their private jets will satisfy their needs and demands. No expense is spared in order to make these planes as comfortable as the homes, offices and hotel rooms that they are used to. This high demand has resulted in an industry that is focusing their efforts and research on these newly termed "completion centers." A completion center is the location where these private jets are customized, kind of like a hot rod or motorcycle customization store. As more and more completion centers open up, the standard of private jet interiors is only going to increase and make it more interesting as new designs and products are launched.

In this new age of private flying, the top designers really are jumping at the opportunity to design private jet. Companies like Versace, BMW Group, Edese Doret and Lufthansa Technik are creating new interior designs that are as lavish as they are classy and not opulent. BMW Group will be dressing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner with a big-screen theatre, cocktail bar and gourmet kitchen, not to mention the two levels of living space that will include a sauna and gym. Boeing asked BMW Group to visualize what a young billionaire would want in their private jet and BMW did not disappoint them.

This new industry is basically taking private jets and turning them into places that the wealthy can spend an entire day in. Who wouldn't be comfortable in a space with lavish bedrooms, bathrooms made out of gold, a kitchen and an office? And when all of the hard work is done, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

And for those of you who did not think that private jets could get any bigger, there is a new player amongst us. This new private jet is not for the very wealthy, it's for the uber rich. That's right, the Airbus 380 is finally here and it's ready to lead the new era of the super private jet. Compared to the smaller private jets that we are all familiar with, this flying palace will come with multiple bedrooms, a business center, movie theatre, dining room, hot tub, gym and a sauna. The best part of it all? The Airbus 380 can hold up to 555 of your closes family and friends.

So there you have it, an insider's look at the most luxurious private jet in the world. Now I'll just go back to renting my small private jets and waiting until the day that I can fly inside of the Airbus 380.

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